Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing


Lose yourself in the flow of rock climbing, indoors and outdoors, in the NC Triad. Climbing in the Triad means exploring our beautiful state parks, meeting fellow climbers and adventurers, and developing new skills. Use our Trip Builder tool to create the perfect rock climbing route for Triad’s parks and gyms.


Outdoor Rock Climbing


Pilot Mountain State Park is an iconic Triad destination with various activities, including rocky cliffs designated for climbing that challenge even the most seasoned veterans. Spend the day scaling the rock faces or include climbing in an itinerary of the paddling, fishing, hiking, and camping options Pilot Mountain has to offer. 

Hanging Rock State Park is another signature attraction of the Triad and provides an unparalleled climbing experience. Two prominent cliffs, Cook’s Wall and Moore’s Wall, provide 400 feet of climbing for almost two miles. With such a wide climbing and rappelling area, all with incredible views, there are opportunities for everyone from the earliest beginners to experienced climbers. 


Indoor Rock Climbing


The Triad has many indoor climbing facilities, whether to practice, spend a rainy day, or just for fun. The Ultimate Climbing Gym in Greensboro features 40-foot walls, top ropes, and a bouldering area. Beginners and experts can enjoy their time here with routes for everyone and helpful staff. FirstHand Climbing specializes in lower, rope, and harness-free climbing. Challenge yourself in a social, active atmosphere with climbs for everyone in downtown Winston-Salem. At the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, members, and visitors can try the Kaplan Center’s Climbing Wall. Reaching 54 feet in height, the wall replicates real rock faces, including cracks and chimneys. An exciting and challenging addition to your workout is available to all skill levels, and the staff at the Kaplan Center are sure to provide an enjoyable climbing experience.