YOTT June 3 National Trails Day

June 3rd is National Trails Day!  Check out the events calendar from Great Trails NC.  Events all around the Piedmont Triad are listed on our Year of the Trail page.

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Home to familiar staples like Texas Pete Hot Sauce and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, the NC Triad continues to produce dynamic culinary innovations that match its expansive outdoor adventure possibilities. No visit to the Triad is complete unless it involves trips to the locally-owned restaurants, breweries, and wineries that celebrate local food traditions while innovating and expanding into new territories. 

The Triad is Tasty

Gone are the days when North Carolina cuisine was solely defined by BBQ, although the cuisine style continues to be a major player across the state, especially in the Triad. Besides being home to BBQ restaurants, there’s a local festival dedicated to the cooking style. Every October, the City of Lexington puts on the Barbecue Festival, where Lexington-style BBQ, from pigtail fries to pork sandwiches, is served throughout downtown in a smoky meat party atmosphere! Beyond BBQ, the festival also features a wine garden, carnival rides, live music, arts and crafts vendors, and a pig-themed sand sculpture. 

The region is just as rich with restaurants that marry the traditions of the South with the influx of varying cultures that make the Triad a true melting pot.

Magnolia Blue in High Point marries the comfort foods of Baltimore, Charleston, and New Orleans with the fresh ingredients of the North Carolina Piedmont. 

Downtown Winston-Salem is a multicultural march through the cuisines of Mexico (Xcaret Mexican Grill and Cantina), Thailand (Thai Harmony), and Mediterranean (Yama's Mediterranean Street Food)—all in the space of a couple city blocks. 

Meanwhile, Greensboro excels in street foods elevated to the level of art: Crafted The Art of the Taco and Hops Burger Bar, which has two locations in Greensboro and one in Winston-Salem.

A Trail for the Tongue 

Winston-Salem’s Moravian Culinary Trail is a tasty trip through the history of North Carolina. Attracted by the area’s verdant beauty, Moravian pioneers settled the land and began producing some of the New World’s best iron, pottery, furniture—and baked goods. Traditionally produced for the holiday season, Moravian cookies are made from an aromatic blend of cloves, molasses, and ginger. 

Find these local goods at classic bakehouses such as the Wilkerson Moravian Bakery (family-owned since 1925) and the Winkler Bakery in Old Salem in operation since 1800. And be sure to get there early before they sell out!

Where the Grapes are Great

The Triad is full of family-owned and meticulously tended orchards perfect for the wine lover. While you could spend weeks exploring the viniculture of the North Carolina Piedmont, various wine trails will introduce you to the very best in terms of vino. 

Just outside Winston-Salem are five farms that prioritize an organic approach to wine-making. The Yadkin Valley Wine Trail explores these vineyards. Tours also feature miniature horses, llamas, and a vegetable farm with crudités that contain just as much of the surrounding terroir as the wine. 

The Swan Creek Wine Trail combines stunning views of the mountain landscape with rolling vineyards that produce some of the best varietals in North Carolina. No visit to Swan Creek is complete without a tour of its extensive and impressive cellars.

Drink Local

Winston-Salem, High Point, and Greensboro – and towns in-between – feature centrally located taverns and breweries that make it easy to tip a pint. 

Kernersville Brewing Company and Gypsy Road Brewing Company, both in Kernersville, prove that beer-lovers paradises are always easily reachable, and Four Saint Brewing Company in Asheboro shows that small-town brewers sometimes are the best. 

Try Natty Greene’s Brewing Company in downtown Greensboro within walking distance of other nightlife spots. Winston-Salem is overflowing with places to drink a pint, including Incendiary Brewing Company, Foothills Brewing, which has several locations in the city, and Radar Brewing Company. All have amazing ales and IPAs and delicious appetizers and entrees. 

High Point is no less stocked with suds. High Point’s Brown Truck Brewery has beers that highlight local and seasonal ingredients.